That’s how you master Splitgate: Arena Warfare

Splitgate: Arena Warfare combines ultra-fast FPS action with incredible portal mechanics. Thanks to this formula, the game brings a new mind-altering aspect into the genre of the Arena Shooter. With this free-to-play shooter, three veterans also provide a welcome counter-movement to the class and special-purpose trend of the shooter games, where purely mechanical skills determine victory and defeat.

Everyone who has played Quake and Unreal Tournament will immediately feel at home. Even fans of the Halo series will immediately feel familiar with the weapons handling. The arena-based action may sound like family territory at first, but Splitgate has enough of its own charm to stand out from the crowd.

To give you a competitive advantage, we have put together a list of tips. This will make it much easier for you to win the breakneck action.

1. Grab the power weapons in front of the opponent

Standard weapons are already a good choice in Splitgate because of their strength, but Power weapons have a much higher potential in many situations. The sniper rifle, for example, kills enemies over long distances with just one head-shot, while shotguns are perfect for taking in Domination and King of the Hill.

When it comes to every kill – in Ranked Matches – Power Weapons should be an integral part of your arsenal. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the map layouts and learn the spawning points of the strongest weapons there. See that you are still in front of the opponent.

2. Destroy portals of enemies

Splitgate’s EMP shells do not do much damage, but they prevent the opposing team from using the card strategically. Just destroy the enemy portals and go hunting. Prioritize the portals to be destroyed near the Objectives and Power Weapons.

Complete “Team Wipes” are the order of the day in Splitgate due to the incredibly fast style. That’s why it’s even more important that your team cannot be attacked from all sides. Not only are EMP grenades suitable for destroying portals, they also provide offensive power. Once you’ve discovered an enemy, using EMP prevents them from escaping to a nearby portal and then opens fire on them.

3. Keep your pistol

At first glance, it is tempting to throw your pistol out of the load-out for a stronger weapon. However, the pistol is perfect as a ranged weapon. With a scope, you will be able to fire incredibly accurate shots and kill enemies over long distances.

It is not as strong as the sniper rifle, but the chance to get a rifle is not that high. That’s why the gun should always be an option. Anyone familiar with the Magnum from Halo will have no problems with Splitgate’s pistol.

4. Attacks enemies with their own portals

The game with the portals is a fundamental part of Splitgate. In order to win, it is inevitable to use your mechanics in your favor. While they are mostly used to see through walls and unlock shortcuts in the map, they are also perfect for luring opponents into a trap.

If an enemy follows you through a portal, receive it with a hail of bullets on the other side. Better yet, let your teammates with the guns on the other side. Portals should not only be thought of as a means of transport in this game, but use your creativity and transform them into deadly pitfalls thanks to team-play.

5. Put the objective in front of your K/D ratio

Actually, it should be clear from the beginning, but many players avoid efforts around the objective in favor of a high kill rate. If you think so, you should stay in Team Death-match mode. If you play Domination or King of the Hill, the objective has top priority.

These modes are about getting points. Although a high kill count impresses, however, it doesn’t win any match. Coordinate with your team and play as a unit when taking control points. A high Killanzahl then comes by itself, plus a sweet victory.

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